Geography Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017-III

Q1. On the outline map of the world given to you mark the location of the ten of the following. Also write in your answer script the most significant aspect of each of them in not more than 10 words.

a) Niagra

b) Gobi Desert

c) Madagaskar

d) Hansu Island

e) Caucasus Mountain

f) River Nile

g) Appalacian Highlands

h) Lake Irie

i) Black Forest

j) Kalahari Desert

k) Atlas Mountain Range

Q2. Discuss the development of local winds, and their influence on local weather, giving three examples of the well-known local winds in the world.

Q3. Compare the structure and associated weather conditions of tropical cyclone with that of the temperate cyclones.

Q4. Discuss the main features of the climate classification system evolved by Koppen. Also Point out its anomalies.

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