Geography Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017: Geography Paper-I


Q1. On the outline map of the world given to you, mark the location of any ten of the following. Also write in your answer script the most significant aspects of each of them in not more than 10 words:

a) Mariana Trench

b) Alice Springs

c) Gulf of Oman

d) Mount Adam

e) Pidurutala Galle

f) Suez Canal

g) Sumatra

h) Panama Canal

i) Hawai Island

j) Kalahari Desert

k) Atlas Mountain Range

Q2. Discuss the concept, components and functioning of an ecosystem.

Q3. With suitable diagrams discuss the formation of depositional landforms produced by Glaciers.

Q4. Discuss the currents of the Atlantic Ocean and their impact on the climate of the adjoining countries.


Q5. Write notes on any three of the following in 200 words each:

a) Land capability

b) Classification of cities

c) Malthusian theory of population growth

d) System approach in Geography

Q6. To what extent do the regional patterns of economic development and human development in the world correspond with each other? Highlight situations of departure, in particular.

Q7. Critically examine the role of growth centers and growth poles in regional development process.

Q8. Review in details the various theories of the location of Industries.

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