Geography as an Optional in OPSC OAS Main Examination

There are not many optional that have been so popular for the Odisha Civil Services Examination as Geography has been. The phenomenal rise of Geography is because of the many qualities that it possesses as follows:

High Scoring

The Geography subject is very scoring because:

1. The contents of the syllabus are too theoretical. the questions, therefore will be straightforward.

2. Since one question has to be answered in each paper from mapping section, it is theoretically possible to score as much as 50 from 60 in at least one question in each paper. And this mapping section saves time for other questions to deal more patiently.

3. The students will have a greater choice of picking up topics that are more marks fetching. Since there are greater number of topics that are theoretical.

Less Effort Required

The students will be required to answer three full answers (in all probability) from ten subjects. There will be many sections which the students can safely leave. For example, if the students intensively prepare Geomorphology, climatology, Biogeography in Section-A and population Geogrpahy, Economic Geography and settlement geography in Section-B, they can easily answer three full answers out of six subjects. The same will apply for the paper-II as well.

Help In General Studies

The greatest advantage of it provides to the OPSC OAS students is that he/she has not to prepare separately for Indian Geography section of the General studies. There is a close correspondence between the contempory issues in the Second paper of the Geography and the Current Affairs of the General Studies. So the Geography optional students are bound to get a average of 50 bonous marks.

Labour will Not go Unrewarded

Some subjects are not so safe in the sense that if even if the examination performance is very good, the candidate does not score as good marks. This is not going to be so with Geography because to prepare for the subject called Geography one has to beat around the bush to collect matter and once it has been done, then putting it on the examination paper will definitely call for appreciation from the examiner and consequently get good mark.

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