General Studies Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017-IX

Q1. What is synthetic Biology? Mention its application.

Q2. What are Carbon Nanotubes? How it is differs from Carbon Fibers? Enumerate few uses of Carbon Nanotubes.

Q3. What are Cyber Physical Systems(CPS)? Mention some of the areas of Research in CPS, that are specially relevant to India.

Q4. Write a short note on GSLV MKIII.

Q5. Explain the concept of DNS. Discuss the components of an IP address with the help of an example.

Q6. What is Artificial Intelligence? Discuss how Artificial Intelligence can be used in various domains.

Q7. What is Radio Frequency Identification Device? Discuss its applications.

Q8. What is a browser? How does a browser work, explain with help of an example.

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