General Studies Practice Set for OAS Mains 2017-VIII

Q1. How does Public opinion of a country affects its foreign policy? Elucidate

Q2. What policies does UAE occupy in India’s Look West Policy? Identify the challenges that need to be addressed to realize the full potential of Bilateral relationship.

Q3. Is CPEC, a cause of concern for India, justify? If India joins it? Point out what benefit it will get.

Q4. Evaluate the advantages of direct Cash Transfer of Subsidies. Discuss the challenges in its implementation.

Q5. Write a short note on MSP and its importance. Examine the need of rationalizing MSP policy in India.

Q6. Discuss the Issues and challenges faced by Indian migrants in the Gulf countries. What are the steps taken by Indian Government to address these.

Q7. “There a need to revive India’s nuclear doctrine of no first use”. Critically analyze in the context of security challenges India facing recent times.

Q8. Bring out the differences between traditional system of Indirect taxation and GST. Mention the challenges posed by the implementation of GST.

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