Fresher’s tips on Good Writing for OAS Examination

Without writing OAS preparation becomes meaningless. Writing is in fact a part of the total preparation. In general studies, optional subjects and essay writing plays a vital role. We are giving below certain tips on good writing. Candidates should follow them and put them into practice.

  1. Read standard books and collect standard information.
  2. Express in your own language means your answer should give impression that they are your own creation.
  3. Elements of bias or prejudice must be absent from your writing.
  4. Use effective language but do not make it verbose.
  5. Write simple answer. Do not use very strong sentences and paragraphs.
  6. Shift your answers in various paragraphs. Change paragraph when you shift to a new subject matter.
  7. Do not quote views, opinions etc. frequently but if needed you can quote from original work.
  8. Give major points of your answer in separate paragraph and put all the minor points in one paragraphs at the end. Try to give as many points as you can.
  9. You should avoid to write a lengthy introduction, you can even do without it, just write the main body of the answer and a good and very effective conclusion. It is to be noted here that in the answer of Analyze or critically examine you must write a conclusion.
  10. While writing, make sure that your handwriting is legible. Do not be under impression  that whatever way you write the examiner would make all efforts to go through that. you have to help the examiner to read your answer comfortably by writing in good hand writing.
  11. Do not exceed the word limit.
  12. Your answer must not lose coherence. Points should be in order so that the whole answer presents a balanced and integrated view.
  13. Practice answer writing of model questions and get them evaluated.
  14. When  you critically examine, you must examine a fact in the light of socio-economic-politico circumstances. This would give your answer a moderate tinge.

And finally a piece of advice, that is hard and intelligent work is a boon, develop a habit of sustained reading. Do study on a regular basis but be sure that you are doing this on right lines.

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