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Question of the Day: Features of Subsidiary Alliance

Q. The power left to Princely states under the treaty of subsidiary Alliance was/were:
a) Finance
b) Defence
c) Communications
d) Finance and Communications

Answer: (a) Finance


Features of Subsidiary Alliance

1. An Indian ruler entering into Subsidiary Alliance with the British had to dissolve his own armed forces and accept British Forces in his territory. Defense Ceded.

2. He has to pay for the British army’ maintenance. If he failed to make the payment, a portion of his territory would be taken away and ceded to the British. In return, the British would protect the Indian state against any foreign attack or internal revolt.

3. The British promised non-interference in internal affairs of the Indian state but this was rarely kept.

4. The Indian state could not enter into any alliance with any other foreign power. He could not employ any other foreign nationals other than Englishmen in his service. And, if they were employing any, on the signing of the alliance, he had to terminate them from his service. This idea was the curb the French influence.

5. The Indian state could also not enter into any political connection with another Indian state without British approval. External Affairs and Communication Ceded.

The Indian states, thus, lost all powers in respect of foreign affairs and the military. They virtually lost all their independence and became a British protectorate. A British Resident was Stationed in the court of respective Princely State.

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