Essential Characteristics of an Excellent Essay for OAS Main Examination

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Essay writing is both an art and science. It satisfy the urge of creativity of a good writer and requires a discipline of mind. Therefore we may say it is a unique blend of intellect and creativity. Essay writing requires skill for a methodological arrangement of the matter. Few of important characteristics of an excellent essay which if one follow in OAS main exam as well as other competitive exam she/ he must fetch good marks are as follow:

a) Introduction: Opening paragraph introduces the topic, so it must arrest attention of the reader with the essential points of the topic.

b) Body of the Essay: It contains the subject matter in detail. So, the thoughts and ideas must be presented coherently to develop them into a well-arranged excellent paragraph. If arguments arise, they must be presented in separate paragraph.

c) Conclusion: In this paragraph, the arguments must be highlighted and drawn to a logical end with clinching effect that can create a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. It should support the data provided in the whole essay.

d) Lucidity of the Language: Simple and lucid language with exact use of words and phrases is the logo of an excellent essay. Short and to-the-point sentences makes reading interesting as well as maximize the grammatical accuracy, which is the most important factor for any piece of writing.

e) Facts and Figures: Based on the topic, facts and figures out of an extra-edge to the arguments and ensure the weightage of the essay. Not a single irrelevant point or view should be added. The topic must be carefully presented to the point.

f) Uniformity and Clarity: Above all, the essay should be a logical presentation based on the flow of thoughts and views and related arguments. Continuity  is the soul of the essay, and above all types of disorderly approaches must be avoided.

Always make a proper plan, arrange your thoughts, views and ideas, and write down important points, facts and figures before you start writing an essay, as these are the essential steps for presenting an excellent essay in OAS Main examination.

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