Different type of Essays in OAS Examination

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Essays in OAS Examination are broadly classified into five kinds such as: descriptive, narrative, reflective, biographical, idiomatic etc. Let’s discuss them..

a) Descriptive Essays:

These types of essays are generally factual ones and include the topics based on science, education, politics, economics and current events. These topics need precise knowledge with relevant facts.

b) Narrative Essays:

This essay is presented in the form of a story. The essay should have a chronological flow and be narrated in an interesting way with episodes suitable for the context of the essay. For example the narration of your visit to a hill station should contain detail on the landscape, flora and fauna, natural scenario and people in around the hill station areas can be presented in the form of story.

c) Reflective Essays:

It is such a type of essay that requires the writer to be highly imaginative and creative as abstract nature is essential characteristic of it. The ideas must be expressed in concrete terms.

d) Biographical Essays:

This type of essay involves knowledge of the major events in the life of the person whose biography is being described. In addition to that, the essay should mention the qualities or character of the “hero”, his achievements, his struggles and his principles.

e) Idiomatic Essays:

Its type says that it needs to expand an idiom or any idiomatic expression with relevance to out everyday life, and even the importance in human civilization. But before writing this type of essay the students must comprehend the inner meaning of the  idiom or idiomatic expression, otherwise it will prove a wild goose chase.

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