Current Affairs for OAS Prelims 2020: Space Technology (Important)

India’s 2021 Humans in Space Policy

The Department of Space (DoS), an Indian government agency responsible for the administration of the country’s space programme, has prepared a draught “Humans in Space Policy for India 2021” and released it for public comment as part of a series of new policy initiatives.

Credit: Japan Times

The Department of Space will administer and carry out the Indian human space programme in accordance with the following policy principle: “The Humans in Space Policy for India 2021 aims for a sustained human presence in space as a tool for development and innovation, as well as to foster collaborations aligned with national interests.”

Policy’s Scope

The policy framework outlined in this document applies to the activities currently proposed under the Indian Human Space Program (IHSP) as well as those that will be defined and implemented in the future in conjunction with IHSP.

Authorization and Execution

DoS/lSRO, which is mandated to conduct space activities in India, is responsible for the execution of the Indian human spaceflight program’s activities.

DoS/lSRO shall issue appropriate guidelines, including approval mechanisms, on a periodic basis for activities under the Indian human space programme that are consistent with the country’s existing space law and policy.

The Humans in Space Policy for India-2021 will be accompanied by guidelines and procedures.
This “Indian Humans in Space Policy 2021” shall take effect upon approval by the Indian Union Cabinet.

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