Current Affairs for OAS Prelims 2020: Science and Technology

July 2020

  • IIT Kanpur has developed a classroom-to-home teaching setup ‘Mobile Masterjee’. It can record the lectures or instructions by the teachers while using their available smartphones.
  • IIT Gandhinagar has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based deep learning tool for detection of Covid-19 from Chest X-ray images.
  • The researchers at IIT Roorkee has developed “Unisaviour”, a disinfection box which can be used to sterilize personal belongings, apparels, PPE, medical equipment among others from the COVID-19.
  • Mylab Discovery Solutions has launched the ‘Compact XL’ system for conducting a wide range of tests, including RT-PCR tests for COVID-19. This is India’s first machine to automate the manual processes of molecular diagnostic tests such as RNA/DNA-based tests including COVID-19 RT-PCR tests.
  • Indian Space Research Organizationwill launch Brazil’s Amazonia-1 satellite. This satellite is onboard the Polar Satellite Launch vehicle (PSLV) as a primary payload by August 2020.
  • IIT Kanpur has developed an Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizing device named Smartphone operated Handy Ultraviolet Disinfection Helper (SHUDH). It will help in killing the spread of coronavirus at the highly prone places such as hospitals, hotels, malls, offices and schools.
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi has developed the world’s most affordable COVID-19 Diagnostic Kit “Corosure”.
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) start-up Modulus Housing, has developed a portable hospital unit called ‘MediCAB’. It was launched recently in Wayanad District of Kerala.
  • COVID Protection System (COPS) for Workplace has been unveiled by the CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur. It comprises of three units namely contactless Solar Based Intelligent Mask Automated Dispensing Unit cum Thermal Scanner (IntelliMAST), Touchless Faucet (TouF) and 360° Car Flusher.
  • Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant, Unit-3 (KAPP-3), Gujarat has attained criticality at around 09:36 Hrs on 22 July 2020. It is India’s first 700 MWe (megawatt electric) Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (PHWR) with innovative features.
  • AIIMS, Nagpur has designed and developed a ‘smart wristband’ in collaboration with IIT Jodhpur and IIT Nagpur, for effective tracking and monitoring of Covid-19 positive and suspect patients.
  • Acculi Labs, a Bangalore based startup has been selected by Centre for Augmenting WAR with COVID- 19 Health Crisis (CAWACH), an initiative by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) to develop “Lyfas COVID score”, a COVID risk assessment profile.
  • The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode has developed a wearable hand band named as the “Veli Band”. It helps in maintaining social distancing by sending out an alarm in case of proximity with another person.
  • Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) has developed ‘Aashray’, a medical bed isolation system to combat COVID-19 by preventing or minimising the spread of the virus.