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How to Prepare a month before OAS Prelims Examination

1. Stress Management: Before one month of examination many students fall in confusion which create panic leads to slow down preparation. Therefore, the first thing you can surely do, even if you have not studies anything, is not to panic… Continue Reading →


Rational Criteria for Selecting Optionals for OAS Main Examination

One should give a serious thought to the selection of the optional subjects. A wrong decision in the beginning might prove an obstacle in one’s success in the OAS examination. There are good number of candidates who were capable of… Continue Reading →

Geography as an Optional in OPSC OAS Main Examination

There are not many optional that have been so popular for the Odisha Civil Services Examination as Geography has been. The phenomenal rise of Geography is because of the many qualities that it possesses as follows: High Scoring The Geography… Continue Reading →

Use of Past Question Papers for preparing OAS Examination

No one can predict for you the questions that you would have to answer in OPSC OAS examination. If some one can do that, you are the one. So candidate has to develop the foresightedness to predict for him/herself. And… Continue Reading →

16 Things you should keep in Mind while selecting optional for OPSC OAS Main Examination

Following are 16 things you should keep in mind while selecting Optional for OPSC OAS Main examination. First first 8 points describe what should you do and next 8 points describes what you should not do before selecting optional for… Continue Reading →

Strategy for Answering Multiple Choice Questions in Civil Service Examination

There are few things to be kept in mind while answering multiple choice question during the Civil Service Examination as follows: 1. In a multiple choice question paper, the answer is there before you- all you have to do is… Continue Reading →

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