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Understand Expansion of an Idea for English Compulsory Paper for OAS Main Examination

In OAS Main Examination English Paper is compulsory and You have to qualify this paper otherwise you will be disqualify from exam. In this paper a question comes Expand the Idea with 20 marks weightage. For example in Last year… Continue Reading →

Different type of Essays in OAS Examination

Essays in OAS Examination are broadly classified into five kinds such as: descriptive, narrative, reflective, biographical, idiomatic etc. Let’s discuss them.. a) Descriptive Essays: These types of essays are generally factual ones and include the topics based on science, education,… Continue Reading →

Essential Characteristics of an Excellent Essay for OAS Main Examination

Essay writing is both an art and science. It satisfy the urge of creativity of a good writer and requires a discipline of mind. Therefore we may say it is a unique blend of intellect and creativity. Essay writing requires… Continue Reading →

Some Do’s and Don’ts in Essay Writing for OAS Mains Examination

Some Do’s Put Down as many points as you can, touching the different sides of a given subject. Let each such point carry a new idea. This will help you in being sure that you have left out nothing important… Continue Reading →

Recommended Books for OPSC OAS Preliminary Examination 2019

While starting Preparation for OPSC OAS Examination every aspirant faces the same problem of “What to read?”. After thorough research and taking advice of many successful aspirants and guides we suggested few books for your OAS Preliminary Preparation according to… Continue Reading →


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