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Why not Lifetime Ban for Convicted Politicians?

Recently Election commission (EC) has supported a Public Interest Litigation in Supreme Court demanding a life time ban on convicted politicians from contesting elections and entering legislature. EC is of the view that such a uniform ban is in spirit… Continue Reading →


Whip in Parliamentary Procedure

Every Political Party has its own whip, who is appointed by the party to serve as an assistant floor leader. He has the responsibility of ensuring the attendance of his party members in large numbers and securing their support in… Continue Reading →

Gorkhaland Issue

Recently there has been total shutdown in Darjeeling and instances of violence over demand for creation of Gorkhaland. Immediate cause: Bengali language being made mandatory upto class 9th by the state government. The Gorkhas, whose native language is Nepali, has… Continue Reading →

Status of Bills in Case of Dissolution of Lok Sabha

When the Lok Sabha is dissolved, all business including bills, motions, resolutions, notices, petitions pending before it or its committees lapse. They must be reintroduced in the newly-constituted Lok Sabha. However, some pending bills and all pending assurances that are… Continue Reading →

Impeachment of Chief Justice of India

The Opposition is mulling moving an impeachment motion against Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra. In this background let’s discuss about how the CJI of India be impeached. What is the procedure to impeach/remove the CJI from his office. Procedure for Removal… Continue Reading →

Attorney General of India

The Constitution of India in Article-76 Provides for an Attorney General for India. He is the highest Law officer in the country. Appointment and Terms The Attorney General (AG) is appointed by the president. He must be a person who… Continue Reading →

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