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Fishermen Issue Between India and Srilanka

The historic waters between India and Sri Lanka have become a battleground between the Tamil fishermen on both sides. Sri Lanka accuses Indian fishermen of straying into its territorial waters, while the latter maintain they are only fishing in their… Continue Reading →


North Korean Nuclear Crisis and India

Recently North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, which it said was an advanced hydrogen bomb for a long-range missile, marking a dramatic escalation of the regime’s standoff with the United States and its allies. Objectives on… Continue Reading →

United Nations Security Council Reform and India

During the 71st session of the UN general assembly, 2016, meeting of intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council reform was held, where member state rose to acknowledge the urgent need for reform. Timeline of UNSC Reform 1. Increase in the non-permanent… Continue Reading →

Understand India-China Border Dispute

In terms of length, India shares 3,488 kms of border with China. The Sino-Indian border is generally divided into three sectors namely: The Western sector, The Middle sector, and The Eastern sector. Sovereignty over two separated pieces of territory has… Continue Reading →

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