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Geography of India and the World

Sugar Industry In India

Sugar in India is produced mainly from sugarcane. After cotton textile industry, it is second largest industry in India. India is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane and second largest producer of sugar after Brazil. India is the only country… Continue Reading →

River system of Odisha

There are four groups of River systems in Odisha that drain into the Bay of Bengal. They are as follows: 1. Rivers that have a source outside the state( The Brahmani, The Mahanadi, The Subarna Rekha) 2. Rivers that have… Continue Reading →

Gondwana Basins of Odisha: Cradle of Mineral Resources

Gondwana basins of Odisha State constitute a major part of the Mahanadi Basin. These Gondwana sediments are exposed in seven sedimentary basins namely lb River, Talcher, Katringia, Gaisilat, Athmallik, Chhatrapur and Athgarh basins.  Successive megafloras are recognized here. There are… Continue Reading →

General Knowledge for OAS Prelims: Mangroves of India

Mangroves are very specialized forest ecosystem of tropical and sub-tropical region of the world bordering sheltered sea-coasts. They occurs all along the Indian coastline in the sheltered estuaries, tidal creecks, backwaters, salt marshes and mudflats, covering a total area of… Continue Reading →


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