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Economic Issues

Understand Shell Companies

Shell companies are companies without active business operations with significant assets. They can be set up by for both legitimate and illegitimate purposes. The legitimate purpose may include promoting a start-up by raising funds and Illegitimate purpose includes hiding ownership… Continue Reading →


Challenges of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) for Kerosene

After the success of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) in LPG/Cooking gas, the government is planning to launch DBT in Kerosene as well.┬áIt has initiated the process by a pilot programme in 4 districts of Jharkhand. Under the DBTK Scheme, PDS… Continue Reading →

Autonomy of RBI

Questions on autonomy of the RBI were raised after note-ban in November 2016. Present Scenario According to a paper published in the International Journal of Central Banking in 2014, RBI was listed as the least independent among 89 central banks… Continue Reading →

Universal Basic Income

Despite making remarkable progress in bringing down poverty from about 70% at independence to 22% in 2011-12 (as per Tendulkar report), still, multiple deprivations exist. A radical proposed solution to this is a Universal Basic Income (UBI). It is a… Continue Reading →

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