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National Issues

Tussle Between Lt Governor and Chief Minister of Puducherry

Government of Puducherry is headed by the Lieutenant Governor as its nominal head, with a democratically elected Chief Minister as real head of the executive. The Madras High Court ruled that the Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) of Puducherry could not interfere with… Continue Reading →

PepsiCo. (Lays) vs Farmers of Gujarat: Critical Analysis

Recently food and beverages company PepsiCo dragged potato farmers of Gujarat to court for allegedly growing its registered potato variety used to make ‘Lays’ chips. Four small farmers from Sabarkantha district were sued ₹1.05 crore each, although they cite a… Continue Reading →

Cross LOC trade suspension with Pakistan

Ministry of Home Affairs announced the suspension from midnight of trade at the two designated points at Salamabad and Chakan-da-Bagh, citing concerns about “illegal weapons, narcotics and fake currency”Trade is recorded between India and UAE and between Pakistan and UAE, but is not recorded between India and Pakistan. The… Continue Reading →

NaMo TV: A Critical Analysis

NaMo TV is a 24-hour channel exclusively featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches and pro-BJP content and was launched on various DTH and cable TV platforms. The channel is listed on some DTH platforms. However, no such channel is mentioned… Continue Reading →

Anti-Satellite Missile of India

Under Mission Sakti DRDO tested Anti-Satellite(ASAT) missile which hit a live satellite in low Earth orbit of 300km. ASAT is a modified interceptor missile of the Ballistics Missile Defense system(BDM). The Mission was completed in 3 minutes. Low Earth Orbit(LEO) was chosen to minimize the debris.


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