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Books for OPSC OAS Preliminary Examination

While starting Preparation for OPSC OAS Examination every aspirant faces the same problem of “What to read?”. After thorough research and taking advice of many successful aspirants and guides we suggested few books for your OAS Preliminary Preparation according to Syllabus:

Current Events of National and International Importance
1. One Major National Dailies: The Hindu, The New Indian Express
2. Frontline / India Today/ Outlook
3. Yojana / Kurukshetra
4. Any Good Monthly: Civil Services Chronicle, Competition Refresher etc

History of India and Indian National Movement
1. NCERT History Books from Class-VI to XII
2. India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra and Others
3. Ancient India by RS Sharma
4. Medieval India by Satish Chandra
5. Modern India by Bipin Chandra
6. Indian History by Spectrum Publication OR Unique Publication (Guide)

Indian and World Geography
1. NCERT Books from Class-VI to XI
2. Certificate in Physical and Human Geography of Goh Cheng Leong
3. Geography of India by Spectrum Publication

Indian Polity and Governance
1. NCERT- Indian Constitution at Work
2. Indian Polity by Laxmikanth
3. Governance of India by Laxmikanth
5. Our Constitution by Subhas Kashyap
6. Our Parliament by Subhas Kashyap
7. An Introduction to Constitution of India by D D Basu

Economic and Social Development
1. NCERT Macro Economics
2. NCERT Indian Economic Development
3. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
4. Economic Survey (Latest Edition)
5. Indian Economy by AN Agrawal

General Issues on Environmental Ecology
1. NCERT 12the Biology Special Chapters of Environment
2. Ecology and Environment by P D Sharma

General Science
1. NCERT Science books from Class-VI to X
2. WHAT, Why and How: Publication Division
3. Science Reporter
4. Science and Technology by Spectrum Publication

Best Available Guides on Market
1. General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination by Spectrum OR McGraw Education
2. A complete Success Package Odisha General Studies by Arihant
3. General Studies Paper-II for Civil Services Examination by Spectrum Publication

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