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OAS Mains 2018 General Studies- I Practice Set: Socio-Cultural Developments in Odisha and India

Q1. Write notes on any Three of the following: 10×3=30 a) The Architectural and artistic features of the Great Stupa at Sanchi b) Cave Architecture of Ancient India c) Mathura art d) Origin of Bhakti Movement Q2. Answer any three… Continue Reading →


Killer Roads: Killing One in every 24 Seconds

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) report, released recently,Road accidents kill someone every 24 seconds, with a total of 1.35 million traffic deaths around the world each year. The number of fatalities annually has swelled by around 100,000 in just… Continue Reading →

OAS Mains 2018 General Studies- I Practice Set: History of Modern India and Odiaha- I

Q1. Answer any three of the following: 10×3=30 a) Evaluate the roles of Dadabhai Naoroji in exposing the evils of British rule in India. b) Assess the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the Khilafat Movement. c) Assess the rule of… Continue Reading →

OAS Mains 2018 General Studies- I Practice Set: History of Modern India- I

Q1. Answer any four of the following:  4 *10 Discuss the salient features of Indian Council Act 1909 popularly known as Morley-Minto reform. Discuss the magnitude to Quit India Movement. What was reaction of Political Parties towards it? Analyze the… Continue Reading →

Understand AugustaWestland Issue

Recently Christian James Michel, a british middleman who is wanted in the AugustaWestland VVIP helicopter deal bribery case, was sent back from Dubai to India. A UAE court cleared his extradition last month. In this context let’s know a little… Continue Reading →

OPSC OAS Prelims-2018 General Studies Paper-I Solved: Ecology and Environment

Q1. Which of the following in India is enlisted in the “Montreaux Record”? a) Keoladeo National Park b) Chilika Lake c) Ashtamudi Wetland d) Hokera Wetland Answer: (a) Keoladeo National Park Explanation: Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan and Loktak Lake, Manipur… Continue Reading →

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