Functional Classification of Towns

Introduction Apart from their role as central or nodal places, many towns and cities perform specialised services. Some towns and cities specialise in certain functions and they are known for some specific activities, products or services. However, each town performs a number of functions. On the basis of dominant or specialised functions, Indian cities and … Read more

Definition of Towns, Urban Agglomerations (UA) and Out Growths (OG): Census of India 2011

Towns For the Census of India 2011, the definition of urban area is as follows: All places with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee, etc. All other places which satisfied the following criteria: A minimum population of 5,000; At least 75 per cent of the male main working population engaged in … Read more

Seismicity and Earthquake

Seismicity Seismicity is a measure of the frequency of earthquake occurrences, mechanisms, and magnitude at a given geographical location. As such, it summarizes a region’s seismic activity.   Beno Gutenberg and      Charles Richter coined the term seismicity in 1941. It is shaking of the Earth, which happens due to the release of energy along … Read more