16 Things you should keep in Mind while selecting optional for OPSC OAS Main Examination

Following are 16 things you should keep in mind while selecting Optional for OPSC OAS Main examination. First first 8 points describe what should you do and next 8 points describes what you should not do before selecting optional for main examination.


  1. The subject which you studied in past as part of your curriculum should be preferred.
  2. Interest in the subject must be taken into account
  3. Availability of the essential reading material is another factor to be taken into account
  4. If your seniors and teachers in that subject are accessible, it will give you an added advantage
  5. Time required to complete the syllabus must be considered
  6. Not just interest but language ability/expression needed for that subject is another important factor to be taken into account
  7. A prior-self evaluation in the subject you have opted for is also suggested
  8. Initial few days (but not very long duration)should be given to judge your suitability for that optional, if you are not decided. The judgement should be as far as possible from all the angles and should take into account the opinion of your learned teachers and seniors


  1. Never opt for a subject because others have told you to.
  2. Never opt a subject only because it has proved to be scoring in the past
  3. Never opt a completely new subject if you have insufficient time to thoroughly study that subject a number of times.
  4. Never opt a subject only because you have got the notes of someone who is amongst the topper.
  5. Never opt a subject because all the others in your group have jointly decided to opt for that subject. In other words never opt a subject because of peer-pressure.
  6. Never opt a subject because the OPSC has introduced a new subject and others have told you that scoring in that subject would be liberal that year.
  7. Never opt a subject because someone conducting coaching in that subject is your acquaintance and has assured you that he will not charge you for coaching.
  8. Never opt a subject because you have an example before you a very average or poor student, who did very well in that subject and got selected. “If he can do it, I can also do it.” is not quite applicable in Civil Service Examination.

This is all Sixteen points you should keep in mind while selecting optional for OPSc OAS Main examination.

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