Puppetry is one of the ancient forms of entertainment. Puppetry is a form of theatre or performance that involves the...
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Tripitakas of Buddhist Literature

Tripitaka or Three Baskets is a traditional term used for various Buddhist scriptures. It is known as Pali Canon in...
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Tussle Between Lt Governor and Chief Minister of Puducherry

Government of Puducherry is headed by the Lieutenant Governor as its nominal head, with a democratically elected Chief Minister as...
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Important Literary Awards of India

Jnanpith Award: 1. It is India’s highest literary honor. Its name has been taken from Sanskrit words Jnana and Pitha...
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OAS Mains 2018 General Studies Test Series Batch-II

Sectional Test Schedule for Batch-II

1. Test-1: 02/04/2019
2. Test-2: 09/04/2019
3. Test-3: 16/04/2019
4. Test-4: 23/04/2019
5. Test-5: 30/04/2019
6. Test-6: 07/05/2019

Mock Test Schedule for Batch-I and Batch-II

7. Test-7: 19/05/2019
8. Test-8: 26/05/2019
9. Test-9: Before 15 days of Exam
10. Test-10: Before 15 days of Exam

For Details and Registration Click Here: OPSC OAS Mains-2018 Test Series: General Studies

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